Targeted market Tourists preferring eco and nature tourism in natural protectorate, beaches and other nature destinations.
Project description This includes various possible projects focusing on Eco-lodges, Camps, and Restaurants/Cafes in national protected areas. A sample case is Abu Galum Blue Hole protectorate where a plan to establish an eco-lodge is designed.
Competitive edge

Serving a rapidly growing market. The Eco-lodge provides faster payback than all other forms of tourism and consumes 75% less of resources than mass tourism.

Market features If only 1 million visitors participate in ecotourism activities in Egypt, they will generate approx. USD 5.2 billion/year of businesses with a 1.6% predicted growth in GDP

Financial Features

CAPEX 60 million EGP
OPEX 18 million EGP
Payback 1 year
Typical payback of Ecolodges versus other types of tourism

Other Opportunities

Eco-lodges CAPEX EGP 30 – 45 million/project --> Payback 2 years
Camps EGP 9 million/project --> Payback 2-3 years
Restaurants/Cafes EGP 5 million/project --> Payback 3-4 years
Total potential Total possible investments of 990 million EGP


Environmental impact Eco-tourism produces more revenues and better payback than other forms of tourism. It also produces less waste, emissions and uses less energy than other forms of tourism per tourist. At least 75% reduction takes place as shown below.
Waste generation comparison kg/tourism/day
Energy consumption per tourist per day in kWh
Social impact Create local jobs and business opportunities for neighboring communities.
* Source of the information: The above figures were updated by Chemonics Egypt for UNIDO in 2023


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