Investment Support Services

Investment Support Services

We aim to assist you in your endeavors to develop your new project, to extend your existing one or to investigate a promising project idea.

Get in touch with us if:
  1. You are investing in one of the following sectors:
    • Sustainable agriculture and food production
    • Waste management
    • Renewable energy
    • Eco-tourism
    • Bio-based economy
  2. You are a company, individual or NGO/foundation already investing or considering an investment.

  3. Fill out the ‘Introductory Form’ available ‘here’ and send it to us by email. We will contact you.
How we can help you:
  1. Looking for investment opportunities? Pre-feasibility studies?
  2. Do you have a project you wish to know its climate/environment impact? Or an investment idea you would like to discuss?
  3. Are you looking for market outreach for your product? Linkages and networking opportunities?
  4. Do you want to learn more about latest regulations, legislations, and policies? And initiate a dialogue with relevant Government entities?
  5. Looking for showcased successful projects and models (that can be replicated)
  6. Are you searching for market data?
  7. Looking for finance for your project?
  8. Need support to structure the project? Are you looking for partnerships or equity participation?
  9. Do you need a full-service value package that includes:
    • Facilitating access to finance and investment
    • Facilitating access to market data and pre-feasibility analysis
    • Enabling Government-to-business dialogue and support



While we are eager to support you in addressing your project, our acceptance of support does not qualify as a commitment for this support.  If we are not able to accommodate your requests, we may be able to direct you to the right source to contact.

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