Production of Prickly Pear Oil

Production of Prickly Pear Oil


Targeted market Oil: The target customers are cosmetics and skin care industry in international market.

Fruit pulp: The target customers are jam and juice producers in international and local market.

Fruit peel and seeds meal: The target customers are local fodder producers.
Project description Processing of Prickly Pear fruits to produce Prickly Pear Oil.

The oil will be extracted from the seeds. The pulp of the fruit, the peels and the seeds-meal are considered as by-products.
Competitive edge

The main equipment required for the production facility is available locally. Prickly pears are cultivated in Egypt in large quantities and their prices are relatively low compared to the rest of the world. In addition, cost-competitive labour is available in Egypt.

Market features Size 2.81 billion USD globally in 2022 – Egypt’s growth 17% (2022 compared to 2021)

Financial Features

Prickly pear fruit tonnage Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Investment 23.5 million EGP 43.1 million EGP
IRR 71% 105%
Simple payback 1.9 years 1.0 year


Required Input 200 to 500 tons of prickly pears per year.
Land area for the factory.
Process/Technology Removing the prickles, Pulping, Washing, Drying, Cold pressing, Filtration, Storage and Packing.
Equipment Coarse brusher for removing the prickles, Pulping, Washer, Dryer, Cold pressing, Filtration, Storage and Packing machines.
Human Resources Technicians, Machines operators, and Drivers

Risks and Mitigation Measures

Risks and Mitigation Measures Difficulties in marketing the pulp in the local market since it is still emerging, which could be mitigated by exporting the pulp.

The season of prickly pears is about 70 days. The factory should process other fruits for the rest of the year to increase its profitability.


Environmental impact Utilization of the peels in fodder and compost production will reduce environmental impact as compared to using traditional resource-consuming products.
Social impact Provides direct and indirect job opportunities in different production stages and value chain.


Location of Supply It can be purchased from primary producers and/or traders.
* Source of the information: The above figures were updated by Chemonics Egypt for UNIDO in 2023


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