Fruit concentrates from fruit waste for the food and feed industries

Fruit concentrates from fruit waste for the food and feed industries


Final Products Concentrates, syrups, dips and residue
Required Inputs fruit waste
Competing Products

Low competition
Various syrups and sugar

Potential for Export Medium


Complexity – Type of Process Medium – thermal processes
Technology Extraction, filtration and concentration
Equipment and Material Extractor, filters and boilers
Human Resources Skilled technicians, operators, quality control and food safety specialists          

Business Linkage

Forward Linkage Homes, local supermarkets, bakeries and food industry
Local/Regional/Nationwide Local Market - nationwide
Backward Linkage Farmers
Supporting Entities Waste contractors, equipment suppliers, testing facilities, food safety specialists and marketing companies
Competitive Edge
Could be lower cost and more tailored to market needs (sizes, flavors etc.) since produced locally, higher nutritional value compared to other syrups

Economic Features

Revenue Stream Sale of concentrates/syrups/dips and residue as animal feed

Note: This CAPEX represents the indicative investment size, however, this investment opportunity can grow in implementation to a larger sized investments.
Investment Size Large (between 50-500M EGP)


Key Challenge Possible competition with suppliers over the same feedstock, product specification and standardization, absence of marketing services
Advantages Healthy replacement for other types of syrup
Potential Pathways to Growth Value-added substrates to produce fermentation products – the end-products themselves and bioactive compounds – other products from by-products include fruit pastes, pits and pressed cakes (could be feedstock for animal feed), and jams/spreads

General Impact

Environmental Eco-friendly use of second grade fruits and processing material close to the field reduces emissions in transportation
Social Increases return on agriculture activities

Impact on Sub-market(s), Cluster(s) and Value Chain(s)

Relevant sub-market Intermediary to industries (food, pharmaceutical, wood and paper)
Lies within the following
value chain/cluster(s)
Fruits, food processing and packaging
Impact Promotes value-addition to fruits in production value chains
* Source of the information: The above figures were updated by Chemonics Egypt for UNIDO in 2023


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